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The footing has been poured and the foundation all forms have been put up!  As you can see in the photos below, they are getting ready do the walls.

Phil has sent us some new photos - he was out siting the power pole with a representative from NS power, and took these photos.  It's easy to imagine the house and view of the meadow now!  I can see myself sitting on the deck, and as the spring morning mist rises over the meadow, a couple of deer nibble on the tender new grasses.

... and then a car zooms by. Oh well!

This is a revised drawing of the north side of the house.  We've been informed by the builder that the slope of the land is such that we'll have fewer "steps" in the concrete. This is great news because it means the slope of the land is a bit more gentle, and will give us a nicer front deck while still allowing for a full walk-out basement.

You will also get a sense of scale from the footing photos.  It's always strange to see the reality after staring and imagining plans.

See the Stihl chainsaws?  Just like mine! Thanks, Mom! 
See the line in the middle of the concrete?  The foundation walls rest in this small depression, which keeps the walls from sliding off the footing.

The bottom of the "steps" - this is the end of the house where the walk-out will be.

This view gives an idea of the slope (the foundation will rest on this concrete lip, called the footing), and an idea of scale - the house is only 1000 sf. The guy in the black shirt is standing where the living room will be.  Both of the foundation down-steps are on the front bump-out, which forms the front wall of the living room.

Looking across the 'dining room' and 'living room'.

Looks like they got a bit of much-needed rain.  The foundation forms will be placed on the footing, as seen in the photos below.

Foundation from the logging road.  Great shot of our view from the front windows and deck.  Every time I look at this photo, my heart pounds with excitement.

Another shot from a similar vantage.

The red and white rod signifies the power pole to be installed.

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