A desert road from Vegas to no where...

Phil met Nova Scotia Power’s scoper on site today to find out where they will be bringing the power to the lot - they want to bring the power from a pole right across the street to a new pole on site.

Unfortunately the NSP man told Phil that they will need to install a guy wire off their pole and onto the neighbour's (across the road) land.  This will require us to get an easement from the neighbour even though this wire will only protrude onto his land by +/- 10’. NSP provides a set easement package for the neighbor to sign.
The neighbour is apparently not home, and doesn’t look like he’s been home for a while.  From what we can learn from the neighbours, he travels all over the world. If he was home and we could locate him then we would ask him to sign the easement form and get it to the registry of deeds. If his land isn’t registered in the land registration system then we would be responsible for an 85.00 filing fee and a lawyer to record it.
Odds are good any reasonable person would sign the form and move on. After all, all we’re talking is a cable protruding approximately ten feet, into alders. However if he says no, then we can work out something else. 
The worst part of all this is that our neighbour can’t be located at this point.   A minor inconvenience... and we can work around it, but of course I worry about his safety.
Crazy, eh?

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