And so it begins...

The driveway is in! The hole has been dug! The well is being sited!

 We should have our civic address in the next few days!
We're on the "even" side of the road, and for some reason, this makes me happy. I'm hoping for 1400, but I have a feeling it's going to be 1350s (+/-10).  In fact, I'll go out on a limb and predict 1348.  Anyone else want to take a guess?  Maybe we'll have a prize for the closest answer!

So! So excited!
Lots of exclamation points!!

Heading north on the highway, you'll see the driveway.  In order to ensure safety, the DOT had to come out and measure the sight lines - a vehicle must be able to see and be seen for 500' in either direction.

Contractor's vehicles at the mouth of the drive.
The driveway road base.
Look! A TDI!  People in Nova Scotia love TDIs. We saw so many of them on our trips! Ingrid will feel right at home!  This shot also gives a good of the driveway's length.  Can you imagine trees sheltering the drive?

Road base - larger stones first, becoming incrementally smaller.
Another shot of the driveway's length.  Not too long - should make it easier for snow removal this winter!

Our beautiful view out into the meadow! It's likely that we'll rehab and fence the meadow, and then decide whether to run livestock or take hay.
Some of Rick's equipment at work.
Rick traverses the home site. Look at that beautiful red earth!
A view across the meadow towards the leveled spot.

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