Let the sparks fly!

Hurray, hurray we're on our way! Construction on the property begins today!

The house has been moved a bit closer tot he highway. This shouldn't be big deal, as we'll still have trees shielding us from the highway. Although I'm not there to do a ground survey, and this is dependent upon conditions on the ground, I'm thinking the garden and chickens will be in the triangle created by the trees and driveway.
The excavator starts the work!  The driveway will eventually be lined with trees - first poplars, which grow quickly and will provide cover for the young maples and oaks.

See the tiny red speck? That's Rick. His family has been doing this work for at least three generations. He told me a story about how he and his grandfather took gravel from this property when the Sunnyvale park was created.  He is in charge of driveway, leveling and septic installation.  There is a wee black spot beside him, which is Kevin. He and Phil are in charge of the construction project.
I am pleased to see timothy grass growing in the field!  The meadow needs a bit of care, but will be a great food source for our livestock. 
 This video will approximate our view from the front of the house - standing on the front deck.   I often stare at this video and try to imagine our livestock - chickens and horses - out in that field.
We'll be able to see the field from the master bedroom, living and dining room.
I'm disappointed that resolution has diminished somewhat with the upload.

I am looking forward to building smaller houses - with my own hands - for Terri,James and guests!


  1. I love that meadow.
    Can't wait to be there!!!!

  2. Bees! Where are the bees going?