I'm not sure that we've ever published photos of the property. So, here are a few to spark your imagination.

 This is a screen shot from Google. It's about 1/3 of the way along the length of the meadow.

 The meadow, looking east. That hill is ours, too.

 Looking east from the entrance to the logging road. Our land extends to the top of that hill.

Looking south down the length of the meadow - approx. 4.5 acres. The highway is on the right.  This will be very close to our view out the front of the house.
A dead tree stands in part of the clear cut.

 Our very own fiddle heads!

 Logging road along the front portion of the property.

 Rock pile - there are a half dozen or so near the front of the property.
Each pile contains rocks hand-gathered from the fields, now overgrown.
It's hard to get an idea of scale, but the piles are approximately 10'W x 30'L x 4'H.

Laur's favourite place - the creek.

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