The tools of hedging include a tool called a "billhook".

This is apparently a cross between a machete-type cutting implement and an axe.

After watching several demonstrations on hedge laying, I can see how such a tool could be quite handy.  A few weeks ago I set about the business of trying to locate a billhook. A brief online search indicated that most suppliers were located unsurprisingly  in the United Kingdom.

I had resigned myself to going without the investment rather than pay the purchase and shipping costs. I had resigned myself, that is, until I came into a beautiful Peter Wright anvil.  This got me to thinking... could I pick up the craft of smithing once again?

Those of you who know me, know that in another lifetime I was a farrier - until all of my tools, including my forge and beloved anvil (for which I named my best friend - Petey) were stolen by a sociopath ex. Seriously, she stole most of my belongings and even my identity... but that's a story for another day.

Could I really get under another horse?  Why not? I'm sure that building, mowing, fencing, gardening, wood cutting and all the activities which go along with a new homestead will help me shed the pounds...

All of this rambling leads me to this - a homemade billhook.

I have more than a few old rasps laying around, and by gosh what a great way to get back into the swing of things (pardon the pun).  Now all I need is to "come into" a forge...

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