Sunday Drivers - HWY 221 Danger Edition

This weekend we decided to head to New Minas in order to make some purchases not available locally.  It was our intention to reach Port Willimams by 10am, so we could get some chocolate milk and be on our way.  Because the Boy likes to take the highway, we made our way down the mountain to 101 and struck off in an easterly direction.

We were toodling down the highway when we entered a construction zone and were flagged to a stop.  It would seem there was construction on 101 from Kingston to Berwick. In a fit of impatience, we turned around, took the closest off ramp and headed back to 221.  This decision proved dangerous for our pocket books.

It was a mighty good thing we had the truck, because before the day was out we'd managed to buy:

-Pork rolls and ears (dog treats) and sausages from all-natural, anti-biotic free pigs fed grain produced on their own farm
-buy one, get three free trees and hostas
-5lbs of plums
-10lbs of Gravenstein apples
-50lbs carrots ($8!)
-10lbs cabbage ($4!)
-50lbs fallen apples for the pigs $3.50
- four glass bottles of chocolate milk

Each of us also had a barbequed hotdog from a road-side stand, homemade raspberry lemonade and an ice cream for dessert!

What happened to our trip to New Minas, you ask?  Like many ill-fated explorers before us, our expedition was way-laid and eventually lost.  Burdened with our precious booty and at a loss for space, we were forced to retreat.  Our crew of intrepid swashbucklers never made it to New Minas.

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