Sunday Drivers - Fort Anne

Yesterday we had a special visit from my cousin Rob and his co-worker Michelle. They are on a cross-Canada tour promoting his non-profit organization, Our Horizon.

It's a simple, yet radical idea.  Just as Canada led the world in placing warnings on cigarette packages, Rob hopes to stand behind another Canadian first - warning labels on gas pumps. 

Worried about tar sands? Pipelines? Climate change? Disrupt Demand. We want to put warning labels on gas pump nozzles, similar to those on cigarette packages. Learn the theory, impact and how to lobby local government to pass this idea into law. Then, we'll take it global.

Check it out, mull it over, talk about it with your friends.  Email your Councillors, make a donation, spread the word.  You can even create your own label.  Seriously - check out the links, it's so easy!

As they only had a short time to spend with us, we wanted to show them some places which are special to us.  Naturally, we took them to the Farmers and Traders Market in Annapolis Royal and stopped for shenanigans in Fort Anne!

A very small bit of Autumn's bounty.

Beautiful, gigantic crooked-neck squash.

Ken's quote of the day on the Sinclair Inn.

Rob sets the hand-stand bar by staying up for several seconds.

Not to be outdone, Michelle shows us her newly acquired skill, too!

Uncle Rob, sharing his technique with The Boy.

"With a flower behind your ear, lean over."

"Then you hop with your legs."

"And then your shirt falls off!"

Cirque de Robbé!

This photo got cut off by the side of the monument, but was too good to pass up.  Boys will be boys!

Sharing a laugh on the cannon.

Shooting people to the moon!

I'm getting the impression that Nova Scotians don't hold back!

Clown detail.

All in all, a fun day was had by all.  Rob and The Boy really hit it off, goofing around, running up and down the hills, playing patty-cake, crawling on the cannons and laughing, laughing, laughing.  

Michelle was also the apple of The Boy's eye - I think thanks to Merida, he has a growing fondness for red hair.  At the market, he was dragging poor Michelle everywhere, trying to show her all of his favourite places - the balloon twisting clown, where he buys his favourite tarts, the wharf and of course all of his favourite places at Fort Anne.

Our day ended with a quick spin past the light at Margaretsville, a test-drive of Rob's SmartCar (of which I neglected to get a photo) and then they were on their way back to Halifax.  The Boy was particularly curious about Rob's car and was delighted to get a wee ride up the hill and back!

We'll be seeing Rob and Michelle again before they leave.  They're planning a quick jaunt back to the Valley to pick up Michelle's coat, scarf and phone charger!  Maybe they'll take the ferry from Digby - what a treat!

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  1. That is great for the boy to be exposed to more family. I am sure he loved it. So happy that you had some time with the family too. Sometimes family is a pain in the backside sometimes it is so nice to have them. Love mom