A few photos of the chickens, by request.

 Attila, el stundo, the Hen.

 Flink! Eater of worms! Herder of hens! Possessor of fabulous gams!

Penny, Berwyn and Blanche. Gossips.

The new Muscovy clan.

Mr. M. Hathaway earned himself a time out - i.e. out of the coop - by being a jerk to the girls.  The girls had a fabulous time in the downpour without him.

Found him up on this stump. Seems he couldn't figure out how to get down.  Serves him right!  Left him there.


  1. Oh so he is a Mr. Crankypants?

  2. He is a super crankypants... like with a cape and everything. He's slowly making his way to the freezer, if you get what I mean.