The Nova Scotian Ugly Bug

I'm not sure if it's remnants of his Montessori days, when there were sewer crickets in the school bathroom, but The Boy seems to be in a sensitive period right now. And by "sensitive", I mean TERRIFIED of bugs!

To that end, we've been getting kiddie books about bugs from the library, taking time on walks to examine the insect fauna and talking about what bugs do for/in nature.  It hasn't helped...

Today, Boy and I were enjoying an after-school Beep on the deck whilst testing our new chairs, when all of the sudden there was a terrified look on his face. Staring silently, his maw gaping wide, I followed his gaze to my foot where there was an enormous beetle crawling on my boot.  To be fair, it was hideous.  I however, kept my composure as I drained the Beep from my glass and proceeded to try and remove the upwardly mobile insect from the inside of my pant leg in a calm and collected fashion.

I wish I'd put a coin next to this thing, just for scale. The insect itself was about an inch and a half in length. But it's the antenna which are truly enormous. This photo is almost life-size.

I managed to dislodge the bug and it went scampering away. In a most unpanicked voice I asked The Boy if he'd seen it. He pointed silently behind the chair and I quickly placed my glass over the beetle to contain it.  Whilst The Boy and I quickly hatched a plan for it's demise (Boy voted that I squish it immediately, but I wanted to show Momma), we went downstairs to share our adventure with Laur.

Laur had a fantastic idea - feed the bug to the chickens!  And so we did... Having already fed a couple June Bugs to the chickens, I knew what would happen.  Have you ever seen a chicken riot?


  1. He takes after auntie.