Sunday Drivers - Crescent Beach

Today's journey started off as a "let's go look at those Adirondack chairs we saw in LaHave, ok?"  And ended with - "while we're here, let's find that beach I once saw in a photo on the internet."

And so we all jumped in Gertie and headed off into the wild blue yonder - roughly in the direction of Zwickers. There are more than a few places around here which sell the chairs, but we'd seen these on the south shore and Laur had it in her tiny brain that these were the ones we'd get.

We found the place and Laur proceeded to test drive all the different models - the Adirondack, the Muskoka, dining and club chairs.  The Boy immediately bee-lined it for a blue child's sized chair and refused to move for the duration of our visit.

"I like the blue one", he simply stated.
"Would you like to try the orange one?"
"Would you like to try the red one?"
"Would you like to try the yellow one?"
"No. I really like this blue one, Mommy."

A'ight. Well, that was easy.  I quickly settled in a red Muskoka after briefly testing an Adirondack, but it was Laur who really got a good feel for each chair.  She likes to make sure she's getting exactly what she wants and will ensure it's a good value for her money.  After switching back and forth between the Muskoka and the Adirondack, I saw her pupils dilate slightly, her body assume a more aggressive posture and her entire being lock on to something she hadn't noticed before.

The rocker.

Laur is a sucker for a rocking chair! With only four colours from which to choose (red, yellow, purple and dark green), Laur tested the red Adirondack rocker on the asphalt driveway in front of the store/workshop.  The verdict? Good, but not great.  As it turns out, orange makes her happy. Who knew?

Sadly, there was no orange rocker to be found at Zwickers today. So we paid for our three deckssesories and made arrangements to return in two weeks for a super-special-custom-made-to-fit-Laur's-butt orange rocking Adirondack chair.  

With our precious cargo secured in Gertie's backpack, we headed southbound in search of the "beach I once saw in a photo on the internet".  With very little information to go on ("its a skinny sandy beach on a peninsula-type thing"), I scanned the map.  Was it called Risser's Beach? No, that didn't sound familiar.  Crescent Beach? Maybe.

Oh my! Crescent Beach! What a place! When we go back for Laur's chair, we're  planning on taking a picnic lunch and the pups because we had a most amazing day! Although it was sandblastingly windy and the sea-side temps were very cool (20 degrees in Lunenburg today, whilst it was 33 here in the Valley), all three of us quickly ditched our shoes and took off at a gallop down the beach.  Crescent Beach is two unadulterated miles of white sand beach and shallow water.

For anyone who is unaware, "parent" is a synonym for "pack mule", as evidenced by the wee shoes tucked neatly inside Laur's flippers.

Crescent Beach looking south.
Looking north.

Initially I identified this plant as Bladderwrack. But I believe this is, in fact, Flat Wrack or Spiral Wrack . At any rate, it is indeed Nature's bubble wrap.

The Boy was amazingly independent and brave! He climbed! He ran! He squeed with delight! He walked backwards! He jumped with both feet! Six months ago he was not able to do any of that without immediately falling over and giving up.  He was absolutely delirious with joy  all freakin' day!  This guy comes from pretty solid prairie stock, and yet to watch him in the water leaves very little room for doubt that The Boy is a water-baby.

LaHave Island.
After the beach, we took a jaunt through Bush Island to LaHave Island where we visited a fishing museum.
The view back to Bush Island from the fishing museum.

The sheep boat.  I can't help it...
The Sheep Boat soon will be making another run
The Sheep Boat promises something for everyone
Set a course for adventure,
Your mind on a new romance.
The Boy inspects the sheep-dory for any wayward livestock. I wanted to get a few photos inside the museum, but unfortunately none turned out satisfactorily.  So, we turned the tiller and headed Gertie northbound, making our way back to home port - Occidental Acres.
What goes well with new deckssessories a Molson Canadian Wheat? Why Beep of course!


  1. Love the trip today. Looks awesome. Beautiful colors
    Love ya MOM

  2. ...so does the Molson chase the Beep or the other way around?

  3. Oh neither! It's a wheat beer, so it's customary to serve with a slice of citrus - which complements the flavour.