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Today's entry brought to you by "Three Days in One! THREE DAYS IN ONE!!"(tm).

In the interests of brevity and efficiency, I've amalgamated three days worth of interesting stuff.  Last Friday on the Farm was sheep shearing day at Mooshum and Kookum's, which was followed by Market Saturday, Sunday Drivers (the episode which you've already seen) and today - Tuesday Night Tramps.

 Friday on the Farm - My sheep-shearing  photos are terrible. I was concentrating on learning and neglecting my camera. I should have put it on Auto, but instead had the dial set to some random mode. Consequently, the shearer is either in motion or jaundiced - I'll pick for you. Jaundiced. There. The six sheep were sheared. The end.
Black sheep, black sheep have you any wool?  Only one of M and K's sheep is black, the others are plain white.  There are six full fleece here. Mooshum estimated that each fleece weighed approximately 30lbs.  In my usual state of stupor, I forgot to take before and after shots.

Saturday at the Farmer & Trader's Market in Annapolis Royal - a favourite part of our Saturday routine.  I haven't seen much trading, however...
There are many nooks and crannies in a 400 year old town. This lane is the path between Far Fetched and one of the Inns.
The path is lined with Thai goddesses.
Yinglong is a mythical Chinese dragon. This carving is for sale at Far Fetched, a wonderful shop in Annapolis Royal.
I told you about Skafte and Shishkov last week. This week we had them design a painting/poem for us.  We gave them the word "Occidental" and here is what they made for us.  We simply said that we'd named our property thus because we'd come from out west, and asked they follow the spirit and create whatever came to mind.

Since last Saturday, Skafte's words have been jangling around in my brain.  I often find myself thinking, "We took the long road east, to where the west begins."  And it's true... every east another's west.
You can purchase their work from Etsy. Please check them out - it's only $15! If you have something in mind, they can take your request via their Etsy site and make something especially for you.

This is Ken. He looks after the Sinclair Inn Museum.  A place to which I'd like to return and spend some time photographing and learning.

Ken is also a fan of Eric Sloan.  You have probably seen Sloan's writing and artwork and don't realize it. He had a demonstrable fondness for New England
- it's farms, history and ways.

Monseiur Boulanger from whom we bought a delicious loaf of olive bread.

She makes the most amazing palmiers!

Canadian Gothic.

The Town Crier and his new apprentice.

After the market we went to Ye Olde Towne Pub for a bit of lunch.  After we'd eaten, the waitress took The Boy for a measure, and he got to ring the bell.

Not only did he ring the bell, but he had to be stopped!

Tuesday Night Tramps - Today's temp is currently 29 degrees, but with the humidity at 60% it feels like 38. Tonight isn't going to cool down too much, so Boy and I decided to go our favourite  surplus store and get some bug bars ($2!!!). This way we don't have to set up the tent, but are still protected from biting and bugging insects.
As usual, I will sleep on the dog cozies, boy will have his cot.  I love sleeping outside and am looking forward to the owls, coyotes, moonlight and cool night breezes.

Oh, and word just in - we are expecting our laying hens to come home on Sunday! This is good news because it appears that the meat birds have fallen in love with me... and I quite like them, too. They come running, looking for treats when I enter the coop!


  1. so what do Mooshum and Kookum do with their wool?

    1. Oh boy, oh boy! I was so hoping you'd ask! It had been a while since these sheep were last shorn, so the wool was a bit ragged. But next year they've given me first dibs on the black sheep, which makes me super happy as she is the same colour as my favourite sweater once was.

      Are you interested in perhaps carding, spinning and knitting a little somethin' somethin'?