I never really played with dolls...

... until our son came along.  Since then, I've become more intimately familiar with my more feminine side.   Tutus, stretchy pants, fancy dresses and wigs. And yes, dolls.

Perhaps you remember Frida, or "Mad Eye" as we know call her. I wrote about her eye transplant some time ago. Well, it would seem that "Mad-Mouth" Finn has had a go at her, and sadly things did not go well.

The Boy wanted to do some facial reconstruction mock-ups, and so we worked a bit of magic and came up with this:

So much for visualization.

In a laughing fit of sadness, we temporarily turned our attention to a recent gift given from Auntie Tara.  It is a DIY sock monkey from The Sock Monkey Show in Halifax.  Auntie Tara said she picked out the brightest colours she could find, and The Boy has been hounding me ever since.

Tara warned me there would be some sewing involved, but I had no idea that attention-to-detail was also warranted.  We'll leave you in suspense no longer.

Behold the Majestic Western Nova Scotia Sock Monkey!

"That is the ugliest sock monkey I have ever seen in my life!" The Boy said, once again laughing light-heartedly. It has, nonetheless, joined the pack of "Guys" on his bed and is now having a rather philosophical introduction to Mrs. Pinky Mouse (who is also a new addition to the family).

Hrmphf.  Good thing he's gotta lotta life ahead!

PS -  That monkey has gone to dinner with us, been on the trampoline, met Little Dan and is now singing some kind of meow-meow song in the bedroom!

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  1. you could give her a batman-esque mask and put the eyes on that and patch that hole in her torso