OMG. Piglets!

As it turns out, my saddle blanket is perfect for the application in which it is used. Next time I'm out, I'll grab some photos of it underneath the 1902 Universal Pattern Trooper saddle that I use.

All of us have been quite under the weather of late, and I'm going on three weeks of sickness. I spent almost a week in bed, another week coughing up blood but it feels like the infection has finally filed a change of address form from my lungs to the Independent Republic of My Left Sinus.  I'm still huffing and puffing when walking up the stairs and having random head-exploding bouts of coughing, but the sinus infection is definitely a health improvement.

The weather has been schizophrenic, to say the least. We'll have an absolutely gorgeous sunny day, followed by hurricane force winds and 30cm of snow. After our huge blizzard on Wednesday, in which we lost a few dead poplar trees (yay for next year's firewood!), we had a brief reprieve, with some sunshine and another weather warning for freezing rain.  Like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, it seems as though this winter has been unusually long - it's been windy, snowy and tough.  There's definitely a bit of Spring Fever hitting this house hold!

I've got some great projects on which to work this summer, including a lot of landscaping projects involving stones.  Luckily, Nova Scotia doesn't lack for rocks and some kind soul has neatly made half a dozen piles of them, ready for use.  There will be two rock, if not four, rock stair cases and a small patio to build. Lots of grass/highway mix seed to sow, winter firewood to gather and my small barn to build.  I can't wait for things to dry up so we can get moving on the outdoor projects.

One thing which needs to be done in the near future is to get an area ready for our piglets!  Yesterday we went out to the pig farm and laid our deposit down on two female pigs who will join the farm at the beginning of May. We initially got two, thinking friends would want one for their freezer, but they've since decided to get their own. As pigs are so hard to find this year, what with the disease going around, and because they like one another's company, we decided to stay with  an order of  two.  So, we gave the lady our money and chose our pigs.

Big mistake.
Have you ever actually seen a baby pig?

Oh. My. Gosh. They are so cute. SO CUTE.  In fact, I'm having second thoughts about eating such cuteness.  I'm so in love with them that I've already named my girl... and have been badgering Laur into naming hers, too.

Mine is the little pink and black one on the bottom. You can't quite see it, but she's also got white on her two hind legs. Her name is Tiller (Tilley).

Laur's yet unnamed polka-dotty pig. She's quite hesitant to name hers as she's keeping a healthy distance for the sake of autumn butchering time.

It's so hard to take a decent photo of them as they were quite naturally interested in their mother and move so fast!

There's a lot of work to be done before they come home, including a pallet-shelter and putting in some fence posts for a hot wire, but I can't wait! They are supposed to be super-rooters, helping us plough the front pasture/meadow into usefulness and then finish their involvement with us via freezer-camp.  I can already see there will be a monkey wrench in this plan as they are darn SO CUTE!

...maybe we'll keep the best rooter to breed and put the other in the freezer.  I guess time will tell.

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