Laur is working all hours of the day and night on a "go live" at work, so we've been grounded this holiday weekend.  It's actually ok, because it's given us an opportunity to test-drive our chicken processing equipment for tomorrow.  Because she was tethered to the computer off and on today, we stayed put and got some farm work done.

Laur weed-eated The Circle while I took down a section of the dog fence.  She then moved sticks and branches out of the dog area and intended to do a bit of brush cutting, but work got in the way.  The dogs will soon have a new set up which will allow us to let them out to do their business (unsupervised) whilst fowl have run of the rest of the "yard".

I'm 85% sure that Doo wouldn't harm the fowl, but Aida has not proven herself trustworthy in the least. Rather than having dead duck/Guinea/chicken, and consequently dead dog, it's best for everyone that dogs and fowl be separate.

This evening I'll be working on a couple of walk-through gates for the new configuration.

As you may already know, on Thursday we received permission from Canada Post to have a mailbox at the end of the driveway. It seems to be a rather long process, as we made the request before we even left Regina - almost a year ago!   A Delivery Planning representative was required to view our driveway and road markings in person before any delivery personnel would commence delivery to our box. Until this time, we've been using a Community Mailbox, which hasn't been that bad.  It goes without saying that we'd much rather have someone come out, view our location and make sure it's safe than have a preventable accident.

So! The time has come for us to sink a post and mount our mailbox!

As you may already know, we like to do things a little differently.  To that end, I began looking at ideas for a chicken-themed mailbox.    Some very nice examples were available for sale at $300 (US).


We don't have that kind of money (that's half a horse, for goodness sake!), so I began to look at chicken mailbox woodworking plans.  But, I do not have a scroll saw to get into decorative nooks and crannies and I'm not sure the jig saw would be the most expeditious tool.

That's when Laur piped up.  What about a Volkswagen mailbox, she asked.

She showed me a couple photos of some boxes available for $120 (US) plus $50 shipping.  Wow!  Good for the guy that can get that price for his mailboxes!  But once again we just couldn't justify that kind of dough on a mere mailbox.

So, as usual, it's back to our default acquisition method.  If it's too expensive, we'll make it ourselves.  And just like that, we were on our way out the door and up the drive - going to the hardware store for a white mailbox.

 A basic, white, $20, rural mailbox.

I drew the design, Laur does the painting.

 Yes, Kubota Orange is an actual colour.  Bertie would be so proud!

After taping off the bottom section, she starts with the first coat.
The first coat is drying.  It will likely require one, if not two, more coats.
After supper we took a jaunt over to Cottage Cove to watch the sun set over the bay.  I took a couple snapshots while we were there.

Another gorgeous day comes to an end in Canada's Ocean Playground!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I've got my first horse booked for a trim this week.... and it's an exciting one. Stay tuned for some terrific news early this coming week!

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  1. Can't wait for the up and coming news. Love the mailbox idea! Your anonymous mother